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Sure, this is definitely a great-looking sequel, enhanced by a lot of the same camera tricks and micro-attentive slow motion moments of glorified gore seen throughout 300, but Zack Snyder and Kurt Johnstad's screenplay feels lazy and hollow by comparison. Snyder directed 300, also co-writing it with Johnstad. What happened?! This is more a laurel-resting cash-grab - complete with bare gratuitous boobage. A parody stripped of punch lines, rather than the captivating, high octane actioner it aspires to be. The appearances of Gerard Butler's Leonidas and scenes featuring Lena Headey's Queen Gorgo merely serve as reminders this isn't as good as that other 300 movie. Y'know, the one you gloriously roared over. SHPARRTAAA!!! Probably the saddest aspect of 300: Rise of an Empire is that it's apparently adapted from a story about King Xerxes, yet Santoro's portrayal of him here is wildly forgettable. The film takes great pains to explain his back story, but it truly doesn't matter. It's a shame.

Relentlessly clobbered by a lame script and lousy acting tarted up by familiar camera tricks and post-production gimmicks, 300: Rise of an Empire is a stupid, self-plagiarized sequel hardly worth the price of admission. Save some cash, avoid the aggravation and just re-watch the first 300. Reviewed 03/14, © Stephen Bourne, moviequips.ca

300: Rise of an Empire is rated 18A by the Ontario Film Review Board, citing detailed gory/grotesque images, limited use of slurs, coarse language, sexual references, nudity in a non-sexual context, partial or full nudity in a brief sexual situation, occasional upsetting or disturbing scenes, limited embracing and kissing, fondling, sexual innuendo, implied sexual activity, violent acts shown in clear, unequivocal and realistic detail with blood and tissue damage, frequent and/or prolonged portrayals of graphic violence, and limited instances of brief, visually explicit portrayals of violence, and is rated 13+ by la Régie du Cinéma in Québec.

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