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No Clue (2014) bad movie
Canada, 96 min, Rated PG (ON) NR (QC)
Reviewed 03/14, © Stephen Bourne, moviequips.ca
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Carl Bessai - Director
Brent Butt - Screenplay
Jan Kiesser - Cinematography


"When a beautiful and mysterious woman bursts into Leo's Vancouver office and begs for his help in finding her missing brother, it's just another day in the life of a hard-boiled detective. The problem is, Leo's not a detective - hard-boiled or otherwise. He sells novelty advertising across the hall from the detective, and the woman just opened his door by mistake. But knowing the detective is out of town for a few weeks and seeing that the beautiful woman really needs help, he agrees to see if he can track down her brother. How hard can it be?" - ca.eonefilms.com


Saskatchewan native Brent Butt returns to the big screen as personably awkward Vancouver-based Boffo Specialty Advertising sales guy Leo Falloon, mis-hired as a private eye by blonde femme fatale Kyra (played by Amy Smart) to find her game genius brother, in acclaimed director Carl Bessai's quirky Canadian detective comedy. Out-of-his-league Leo's bumbling amateur tenacity soon uncovers high stakes hijinks, cut-throat corruption and murder most foul. Jeez, that's not good! No Clue co-stars David Koechner, David Cubitt, Kirsten Prout, and Dan Payne, as Leo's buddy Ernie, game company executive Horn, Horn's vexatious daughter Reese, and corporate goon Church, respectively.

Most notably the creator, writer and star of the homegrown TV series Corner Gas (2004-2009), Brent Butt's accolades include being a three-time Canadian Comedy Awards-winner, a three-time Gemini Award-winner, and a three-time Writers Guild of Canada award-winner. The film No Clue marks his feature screenwriting and starring debuts, after landing bit roles in Screwed (2000) and Dudley Do-Right (1999). Co-star veteran actress Amy Smart's movie credits include playing Jason Statham's uninhibited girlfriend Eve in the cult hits Crank (2006) and Crank: High Voltage (2009), as well as Ryan Reynolds' love interest in the sleeper comedy Just Friends (2005). Smart's on-screen work in Starsky & Hutch (2004) earned her an MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss, shared with Owen Wilson and Carmen Electra.

Butt's naturally nonchalant comedic style plays wonderfully against this picture's fairly predictable gumshoe yarn. All the familiar Raymond Chandler novel clichés are transplanted to this contemporary West Coast setting, but Leo's priceless reactions offer clever self-effacing twists on the theme throughout. Butt's screenplay is a tale of mistaken identity gone awry: A mysterious woman enters Leo's office wanting a private detective to find her missing brother. So, despite having no clue what that means - Leo knows all about personalized pens and key chains, not-so much about guns and stake-outs - he foolishly jumps at this exotic taste of dangerous adventure. As well, Butt's low brow banter opposite Koechner is definitely a fan treat reminiscent of the glory days of Corner Gas. In fact, No Clue feels a lot like a mildly retooled off-shoot of Corner Gas. Deadpan laughs and all.

"Maybe it's red paint," Leo babbles at Kyra while fleeing from her missing brother's condo. "Maybe he spilled paint, and then got mad, and kicked his furniture to pieces, and went on a holiday to calm down. That's probably it. Mystery solved!" Hilarious. You can check out the full clip and trailer at BrentButtTV, Butt's YouTube channel.

Sadly, No Clue quickly becomes a big sleep 'til the closing credits. (Read more)

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