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Young Adult bad movie
USA, 94 minutes, Rated 14A
Reviewed 01/12, © Stephen Bourne
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Jason Reitman - Director
Diablo Cody - Screenplay
Eric Steelberg - Cinematography


"After high school, Mavis left her small town of Mercury, Minnesota and moved on to the big city of Minneapolis, or 'the Mini-Apple' as it's affectionately known by residents of the surrounding small towns. Here, she continued her success into adulthood by becoming an accomplished writer of a popular teen book series called 'Waverly Prep.' More and more, her own life begins to resemble that of her fictional teenage heroine as fantasy and reality intertwine, which is especially confusing since she is now in her 30s." - http://www.youngadultmovie.com/


Charlize Theron stars in this slow-moving and often boring, 94 minute human drama written by Diablo Cody and directed by Jason Reitman. While Theron pulls a virtually seamless and convincing performance from the screenplay, 'Young Adult' as a whole doesn't particularly succeed in pulling you into its story of emotionally stunted ghost writer Mavis Gary coming home to seduce her small town high school sweetheart from his simple married life and newborn daughter. It sounds like the premise for an enjoyably quirky comedy of errors, but the laughs rarely materialize and you're never really sure if you're supposed to like or merely pity Mavis throughout the course of the movie. It's tough to empathize, mainly because the script takes far too long to reveal why Mavis has set herself on this disasterous homewrecking manhunt. That enigmatic revelation doesn't come until this film is almost over, long after you've already given up waiting for one memorable joke or a sharp spark of insight that never comes. Sure, there is humour here. Slightly. You've likely seen most of it featured in the trailer. It's not enough. Co-star Patton Oswalt actually does a better job of keeping you motivated to watch, as Mavis' delusional machinations are played off his character Matt Freehauf's wonderfully laid back voice of bruised and ignored reasoning. The result is a great performance from Theron and Oswalt, in an otherwise forgettably mediocre drama that I found tough to avoid twiddling my thumbs at while screening it, stopping myself from thinking about how it could have been better in pacing, nuance and humour. That's never a good thing, but you won't miss much by passing on seeing this one. 'Young Adult' is rated 14A by the Ontario Film Review Board for coarse language and mature themes.

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